We continually update and add to our guide which will help you through every step of the car selling process.  Whether it’s exchanging titles, updating and transferring your insurance policy, or even getting an honest quote, we have you covered.  You can call our owner Jason directly at (856) 834-5558 to get your free above market quote.

Calculating the Value of a Used Vehicle

We Buy All Cars in NJ is focused on delivering the best value possible for our customers’ used vehicles. Our skilled team can quickly evaluate countless features to determine the most accurate price. A vehicle’s value is based on many factors that include details about its condition and history. There is no one size fits all when it comes to determining a vehicle’s valuation, but let us explore different elements that can affect a car’s worth.

Is There a “Best Time” to Sell Your Car?

Timing is everything, even when it comes to selling your vehicle. Consider factors including upcoming mileage milestones and potential repair costs. Even seasons could sway buyers’ demands. Get the max price for selling your used car by finding out how these factors come into play and determine when is the best time to sell.

Which Used Cars Hold the Most Value?

Check out the cars that hold the best value in today’s car market. Vehicles lose value over time for various reasons and understanding vehicle depreciation can be a great resource when it’s time to sell.

Can I Sell My Used Car After an Accident?

If your car has experienced an accident, the first thing to do is to assess the damages. Was it just a fender bender or is your car totaled? Could it be considered a salvage vehicle? There may be a few extra steps in the selling process you need to know. From minor accidents to totaled vehicles, We Buy All Cars in NJ will help you through every phase of the sale and are ready to buy your car AS IS.

Do Cars Unable to Run or Start Still Hold Value?

Vehicles that don’t run or are beyond repair still hold value. Save money by avoiding costly repairs; We Buy All Cars in NJ purchases cars in any condition. Let us determine the value for you and help you get the maximum money for your car.

Selling a Used Car While It’s Still Financed

Selling a car with existing financing can be tricky but it is very common. Let us walk you through the process of contacting your lien holder and closing your loan.  Learn about satisfying your lien and how to remove a lien from your car’s title while still putting money in your pocket.

What Type of Paperwork Do You Need to Sell Your Vehicle?

The transaction of selling a vehicle is more than just handing over cash or a check. The essential documents needed are the certificate of title and your license. Any service records you may have will help to. Make sure your prepared with all the necessary paperwork when you sell your car.

Guide to New Jersey Car Titles

What is a car title and when is it needed? Every car needs this important document and they are necessary when selling a car. Discover what to do if  your title is lost or damaged.

How to Properly Sign Over or Transfer Your New Jersey Automobile Title

Review the information needed on a car’s title before transferring it to a new owner. The buyer and seller are responsible for different aspects of the certificate and any related fees.

Why an Extended Warranty Is a Better Choice Then a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

There are two main types of warranties for used cars: extended warranties, and certified pre-owned. Each type means something wildly different in terms of what you can expect from your purchase, how much you’ll pay, and what can happen over the length of time you have the car. A Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is something that a number of buyers go for, because it is manufacturer-certified as being in ideal shape, has low mileage, and the car’s history is made available to the buyer.

Transferring Your Car Title After Selling Your Car

A car’s certificate of title needs to be transferred whenever there is a change of ownership of a vehicle. Find out what you need to do to transfer titles in NJ and what to bring with when selling your car. Whether a car was bought, sold, gifted or inherited, a title is an important document to keep safe.

Transferring Your Insurance Policy to Another Car

It is important to transfer or cancel your auto insurance as soon as possible after selling your vehicle. No matter if it is a standard or basic plan, We Buy All Cars in NJ will walk you through what you need to do to take care of your insurance.