The Top Five Safest Cars of 2017

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is responsible for rating the safety on vehicles manufactured or sold in the United States.  Recently, the IIHS added another layer of criteria to rate the level of safety is on vehicles.  The new criteria is based on rating the headlights put into vehicles.

It has been reported that headlights can be a factor in motor vehicle accidents.  For instance, efficiency of the headlights during nighttime conditions can impact how a driver is able to see cars or pedestrians approaching quickly.  By evaluating the situation, a driver’s visibility can determine or play an important role on how a potential accident could occur.

In addition to headlights, the IHHS continues to give a rating for vehicles on the safety of brake technology, rollover activity and impact on the driver and passengers in front and rear end collisions.

If you are in the market for a new car, ratings are available on all makes and models.  For used cars,  you can do the research to see what cars received the highest ratings or those that did not get high marks for safety. Here is a list of the to 5 safest vehicles in 2017:

Subaru Legacy

With an affordable price and extra roomy features of a mid-size sedan, the Subaru Legacy has been a repeat on the top safety list for several years.  The Subaru Company has cornered the automobile manufacturing market of creating a vehicle that boasts a stellar safety rating. The Subaru Legacy gets a top notch rating in an all-wheel drive, fuel efficiency and sustainability during heavy impact crashes.

Chevy Volt

One of the new members in the Chevy family of automobiles, the Chevy Volt has positioned its seat at the head of the table with stellar safety ratings from the IIHS.  The plug-in hybrid model continues to receive praise for how well the headlights perform during testing.  Like its plug-in hybrid family member, the regular style Chevy Volt ha has prominent safety features that are strides above the competitors in a small sized vehicle. The Chevy Volt is a fire cracker when it comes to the safety rating in fuel efficiency, engine capabilities and protection in crashes.  The headlights are designed to be efficient in crash sustainability.

Honda Ridgeline

After a two year hiatus, the Honda Ridgeline has poised itself on the leader board of vehicle rating.  The Honda Company hit the bulls eye when it redesigned and revamped the Honda Ridgeline.  This compact pick-up truck garnished a high safety rating on the headlights and crash impact.  Ranked by the #1 pick-up among its competitors, the Honda Ridgeline does not disappoint buyers with a taste for a comfortable interior and a safe ride.

Hyundai Elentra

An attractive price, stylish interior rating keeps the Hyundai Elentra on a buyer’s radar.  The Hyundai Company has effectively utilized all technologies to create vehicles that meet up to any standards and continually receive high safety ratings. The design and components of the headlights on the Hyundai Elentra are a checkmark in the safety category.  Fuel efficiency and excellent brake technology are the perfect combination in the Hyundai Elentra to gain a high safety rating from the IHHS.

Hyundai Santa Fe

A tweak in design on the Hyundai Santa Fe paved the road to a high safety rating from the IHHS.  Not only did the efficiency headlights rank high but crash tests for this revamped vehicle.  The Hyundai Santa Fe continues to sit on the radar for SUV enthusiasts who are looking for 3 row seat contender.