Top 5 Least Reliable Vehicles Of 2017

When it comes to purchasing a car, you want to make sure you are making a good decision before you sign on the dotted line?  Not only do you factor in the cost of the vehicle but you want to have the satisfaction or the peace of mind that you will be driving a reliable form of transportation.

From affordable costs to excellent gas mileage,  you vision may be cloudy when it comes to safety and reliability. If you are looking to buy a new car or truck, here are few makes and models to steer clear of and to keep them off your most wanted list:

Ford Escape

For the past several years, the Ford Escape has been the top pick for most unreliable vehicles.  Although the Ford Escape has an affordable and comparable price point when evaluating competing mid-size SUV’s, the flaws are what keep this vehicle on the naughty list.

For starters, the manufacturer puts sub-par parts that are prone to damage and rust.  The transmission experience delays during the shift of the gears.  Major parts such as the engine, brakes and steering pose a boatload of problems that not worth the time and money to fix.

Chevy Silverado

With a strong history in creating trucks that can take a beating, the Chevy Silverado is no match in the ring against its competition.  The price of the Silverado is too high for a decent truck and the problems with the engine and other mechanical parts forces buyers to pass on by.  The common concerns for the Chevy Silverado are: unattractive interior and a suspension system burdened with many problems.  The Chevy Silverado is currently going through some upgrades and changes to the vehicle that might make it more reliable in future years but will that be enough to gain loyal customers.

Ford Fiesta

You want to pass on the invitation to the car buying party if the Ford Fiesta is on the guest list. Don’t let the rave reviews about gas mileage fool you into believing that this car is as reliable as the sticker. Similar to the Ford Escape, the Ford Fiesta is a few steps and miles behind the competitors.  The interior is lacking comfortable space.  The internal and external parts get damaged quickly.  Rated as one of the most unreliable vehicles in 3 years, the Ford Fiesta is lacking the spice it needs to stir up some loyal customers.

Nissan Pathfinder

The Nissan Company has been a trailblazer with some of its makes and models.  However, it continues to get lost on a successful journey with the Pathfinder.  Despite the competitive price tag and great gas mileage, SUV loyalists are distracted by the other factors that make the Pathfinder less attractive.  The clunky, misbehaving transmission is a recall nightmare.  The interior features and perks are from being user friendly and stylish.  It is frustrating when the electric windows and lift gate do not operate properly.

Fiat 500L

Only a few years on the market, the Fiat 500L has punched up bad ratings that have left a bulls eye on this economical vehicle.  With a JD Power & Associates rating safety rating that is much to be desired, the Fiat 500L is chock full of problems that forces buyers to look elsewhere for a small and zippy ride around town.  When it comes to defective sensors, bad entertainment and navigation system and a crappy back-up camera, new technology is a definite bust in the Fiat 500L.  The transmission does not have the capability to handle the demands of the engine and there is noticeable slippage when switching gears in the manual version.