Selling Your Used Toyota Prius In South Jersey

If you are interested in selling your used Toyota Prius in South Jersey, you have to find an environmentally conscious buyer looking to take on the job of handling a hybrid vehicle.  For the right price, you may find a potential buyer who is interested in finding a cheaper way to hybrid ownership by going the used vehicle route.  Here are some tips to sell your used Toyota Prius in South Jersey:

It In All In The Details

Once you have decided to part ways with your used Toyota Prius, you have to make sure your vehicle is clean and ready to sell.  For starters, a trip to the car wash or detailer is in order.  Pay special attention to the areas that are used the most: seats, mats, compartments, mirrors, etc. Make the interior and exterior shine.

Nailing Down The Price

Any used car buyer comes to the bargaining table with a price already in their mind. To play nice at the bargaining table, you need to have a competitive price you are willing to stand by for your used Toyota Prius.  Hybrid vehicles are priced differently than regular vehicles so do your homework before you settle on your bottom price point.  Checking the listing on the Kelley Blue Book is a good way to start your pricing strategy.

Spread The Word

If you are selling your used Toyota Prius in South Jersey, you need to focus your advertising efforts on attracting buyers close to where you live.  The reason why this is important is because each state has different requirements about the warranty on battery life.  Although the battery is not a part to be replaced quickly, you want to make sure you know the life span of the battery so you can inform potential buyers about it.  Also, used hybrid buyers are more likely to focus their search on sellers that are within the area so they know about how well hybrid car does in highway and local driving.

Impart Wisdom And Knowledge

Used car buyers especially hybrid car buyers have done their homework so you should be ready to field any questions or address any concerns.  Do some background research on your own and impart some wisdom and knowledge about how well you maintained your Toyota Prius.  Like stated previously, the battery life is an important topic to address when you selling your Toyota Prius.  If the buyer is local to South Jersey,  the battery will be under warranty governed by the State of New Jersey.

Agree On The Terms

After you and a prospective buyer have agreed on a price, you can provide a “Bill of Sale” agreement for both you and the buyer to sign.  The agreement serves as a commitment between the seller and buyer for the purchase of the used Toyota Prius.  This agreement can highlight the price, terms for payments and to relinquish responsibility once the new owner takes possession of the vehicle.

Title Transfer

After an agreement of sale is done, you need to sign the title of the vehicle over to the new owner.  The new owner will sign and take the paperwork to an approved New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles location.  A new title will be issued to the new owner and you will be happy your used Toyota Prius will be on the road to the next adventure on the horizon.  As long as the paperwork was filled out correctly by you when you sold the vehicle, you can take your money to the bank and the new owner can enjoy cruising around in their gently used Toyota Prius.