Prospective car buyers are always looking to get the best deal for a great used car.  If you are getting ready to sell your used Mazda in South Jersey, you need to cater to buyer that are looking to spend their money on a safe and reliable used Mazda. Here are a few tips to sell your used Mazda to buyers that live in or around the South Jersey area:

Spruce It Up

Nothing is better to the eyes of a prospective buyer when he or she is staring at their new, sparkling clean ride.  Get your used Mazda to a car wash or detail service to breathe some new life into that vehicle.  Make sure to clean the interior and exterior.  An air freshener and updated car mats and tires are a huge selling feature.  New or gently used tires can make a big difference when you are selling a used car.  Depending on the used Mazda model, tires can tend be costly on SUVs so having new tires will definitely be a huge sales technique for you.

Hitting The Price Target

When you have decided to sell your used Mazda in South Jersey, you need to consider what price you are interested in parting ways with it.  Set a reasonably price that will not turn off potential buyers.  Check out the prices on other used cars in your area to ensure you are not missing the bulls eye.  If a potential buyer questions your price, ask he or she for some feedback as to why the price is not comparable to other used Mazdas in your area.

Get It On The Market

Once you got your used Mazda looking all fresh and clean and your price point is set, the next thing to think about is where you want to advertise your precious ride.  Many savvy car buyers check out advertisements on online websites.  The pictures and descriptions must be attractive and a pleasure to look at to reel in prospective buyers.

Know The History

Used car buyers do their homework before meeting with the sellers. Be prepared to answers or talk about concerns when selling your used Mazda in South Jersey.  If you feel comfortable talking to prospective buyers, offer information about how well you take care of the used Mazda.  By offering information about the vehicle, a prospective buyer could be more willing to offer what you are asking for the car.  Maintenance records or proof that the work has been done can be beneficial to know that the vehicle was maintained properly and major problems were addressed quickly.

Bill of Sale

Most used sellers will offer a bill of sale to have ready for a prospective buyer.  The bill of sale is a helpful tool for both parties involved in the transaction.  For the seller,  it outlines the terms and agreement between the two parties but it releases any responsibility on part of the seller once the vehicle has been sold.  For the buyer,  he or she can take it to the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles to ensure that a legal transaction had taken place between the seller and buyer.  This is extremely helpful to show that the rightful owner has possession of the vehicle and there are no liens against the vehicle.

Sign On The Dotted Line

Before you sell your used Mazda in South Jersey, you must sign the title over to the new owner.  After you sign the title, the new buyer will go to a New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles office location to obtain a registration on the vehicle.  The registration is proof of ownership for the new offer.