Selling Your Used Ford Fusion In South Jersey

If you are looking to sell your used Ford Fusion in South Jersey, you have to have a competitive edge over other sellers to attract prospective buyers.  The Ford Fusion is one of the Ford Motor Company’s top selling brand in the sedan market so this vehicle continues to receive high marks on any car buyer’s list.  Here are some tips to gain a leg up over the competition in the used Ford Fusion category:

Clean Up Before The Final Hoorah

Don’t turn off prospective buyers immediately when he or she takes a look at your dirty vehicle.  Before you put the “For Sale” sign on the dashboard of your used Ford Fusion, give your used baby some “TLC” with a full cleaning fro the inside to the outside.  Pay special attention to the areas that are used to the usual wear and tear such as upholstery, cup and knick-knack holders and even make the rims on the tires shine.

Perfecting A Price Point

You think you have a nice ride that demands a great price from prospective buyers but asking too much money may keep them from knocking on your door.  Take time to research what the current trend in pricing on a used Ford Fusion in South Jersey.  A good place to kick off your search is the trusty old Kelley Blue Book.  Setting a competitive price will not only yield a satisfied buyer but will increase the amount of green in your pocket.

Advertising = Sales

While taking an advertisement out in the local newspaper or placing your used Ford Fusion on a strategic location somewhere in your South Jersey hometown may prove to be a great advertising technique, you might want to consider utilizing the online power of internet marketing.  Online automotive websites are a great place to reach a pool of prospective used Ford Fusion buyers.  Make sure to have decent pictures to show off your used Ford Fusion.

Show Off Your Knowledge

Individuals who are searching for a used car especially vehicles manufactured by a reputable company such as the Ford Motor Company have done their homework before he or she contacts you about your used Ford Fusion.  Don’t be shy about boasting the high safety ratings that the Ford Fusion has received from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Traffic Safety Administration.  Also, don’t leave out the special safety features.  Explain about any maintenance that you had done so it lets potential buyers know that you took great care of this used precious commodity.

Seal The Deal

Once you have found the perfect buyer for your used Ford Fusion, you might want to create a “Bill of Sale” agreement between you and the buyer.  This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the transaction and serves as point of sale for the vehicle.  Also, this agreement relinquishes any responsibilities or problems with the vehicle after possession is taken over by the new owner. The buyer assumes responsibility for any problems with the vehicle. The buyer can take the agreement to an approved New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles location to initiate the registration process.

The Final Send Off

After you and the buyer sign a “Bill of Sale” agreement, the next step is to transfer the title to the new owner of the Ford Fusion.  You, as the former owner signs as the seller and the new owner signs as the buyer.  The buyer takes the title to an approved New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles location to transfer the title and register the vehicle under the new owner.