What to Know About Collingswood

Collingswood is one of the most popular NJ towns for both state residents and Pennsylvanians looking to move out of the city or even just grab dinner somewhere on the other side of the river. As a Camden County borough with a population of around 14,000,  it’s a safe bet that most would call Collingswood the most allurable town in South Jersey. It’s a quaint place with a lot to do for those looking for a more mellow vibe but are too anxious to stray far from Philly.

Located just 5 miles from Philadelphia, and sharing land borders with Camden, Haddon Township, Oaklyn, Pennsauken Township and Woodlynne, the borough’s popularity is growing. The New York Times called Collingswood “where walkable meets affordable” and in July alone, Collingswood is boasting it’s famous farmers market, street festivals, movie nights in the park, blood drives, live music, and community plays. Collingswood is known for its restaurants, which span a variety of worldly cuisines including American, Italian, Indian, French, Chinese, Mexican, Brazilian, Japanese, Ecuadorian, and Thai. Remember to be mindful that Collingswood is a relatively dry town – so if you hit that side of the river for dinner it’s BYOB only. But fear not – the craft brewery movement has officially made its way to Collingswood in May 2016 with the opening on Devil’s Creek Brewery, so you can definitely get drunk in Collingswood one way or another.

Collingswood is progressive and LGBTQ-friendly.  In 2004, The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote about the borough’s “fast growing gay and lesbian community,” and  Garden State Equality’s main Southern New Jersey office is in Collingswood.The American Planning Association designated Haddon Avenue as one of its 10 Great Streets for 2009 making Collingswood the first New Jersey community to be cited under the association’s Great Places in America program.

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Traffic and Transportation

Due to its proximity to urban hubs and job centers, traffic can be heavy on Collingswood’s 42 miles of roadway. It also has two bus lines, one of five 24/7 heavy rail lines (PATCO) in the country, and bike and walk-friendly areas. One of the reasons Collingwood continues to grow in popularity is the walkable nature of its streets. The borough received a Walk Score of 87 in its downtown district.

In the time of going green, Fit Bits, and bike shares, more people are getting rid of their cars. The Collingswood Bike Share is directly funded through the borough and consists of volunteers donating their time to fix donated bikes and rent them out for a $20/year membership. Because Collingswood has a history of being trolley-heavy, the roads are not conducive to a heavy car flow and provide a smoother and quicker ride for bike traffic. Seeing this trend , the borough has been adding additional bike parking along the PATCO, NJ Transit, and other commercial transportation stations. In addition, Collingswood continues to move toward a more environmentally friendly way of life through its community greenhouse effort and composing program.

This is a fact: Collingswood will be installing a traffic calming fountain on Haddon Avenue. It’s purpose is to be both decorative and functional. The goal is that is will decrease the number of cars flying in to Collingswood on Haddon Ave by squeezing the roadway and slowing traffic. The Institute of Transportation Engineers says these types of medians can 1.)  provide a pleasing visual and give neighborhood identity, 2) help “pedestrianize” streets and provide refuge during crossings, and 3) narrow travel lanes .

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