Selling Your Used BMW in New Jersey

What’s so great about BMW is that while the name is synonymous with luxury and class, there are models out there that are accessible to a wider range of people than just the extremely wealthy. Prices start at $30k for the Level 1 Series and climb to the $103k M6 model depending on what features and style you’re looking for. Coming up on their 100 year birthday, BMW has created a name symbolizing success and style across the world.


BMW continues to defend its reputation as being among the best. has named the BMW M3 (average price $72k) as one of 2016’s Best Retained Value vehicles. According to, 93% of 100 people surveyed recommend BMW as their car of choice and gave the company a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0.

BMW and Environmental Adaptability

BMWs easily adapt to all environments, which is wonderful news for the New Jersey resident who often travels to the beach as well as to the city.

BMW has consistently been rated as the top car brand for superior handling. This makes it easy to drive on narrow urban streets, around tight corners, and across those challenging New Jersey roadways. There are tons of reviews out there that talk about the BMW’s superior stability and directional control, and the brand is often used as a reference when speaking about or comparing the handling of other vehicles. The motto of BMW is helping the driver experience the “pleasure of being connected through the vehicle to the road while being comfortable and relaxed.”

This happens through impeccable steering technology and manufacturing. BMWs are made with steering that feels light, as in the driver rarely feels the effort of the car or what the tires are doing on the road. The steering has also been called “predictable” and “natural” because the car smoothly goes where the driver tells it to go without much coaxing.

The steering wheel provides a barrier between the drivers’ fingers and the roughness of the road, so the driver feels no shock or vibration. The suspension of the vehicle has also been lauded as the best. BMW passengers frequently speak about the comfort and feeling of safety during the ride, even if the driver tends to be more on the speedy and over-steering side.

Maintaining the Resale Value of your BMW in New Jersey

New Jersey is a state of eclectic climates. It’s snowy and cold in the winter and the air is hot and humid in the summer. There’s the ice and salt air off the ocean to deal with as well. But have no fear, the BMW is resilient.


One of the biggest draws of New Jersey is the presence of the beach, but it’s important to be aware of the potential damage coastal locations can have on your car. First, the closer your car is kept to the shore with the salt water spraying on it, the more susceptible it is to rust. If possible, keep your car parked a few miles away from the beach and out of the “spray zone” and/or make sure it’s covered. Also, be sure to pay special attention to the more exposed parts of your car, such as the roof and hood. If you live near the beach or go frequently, you may not see salty air and water damage for 3-5 years, so be aware that just because climate damage may not be obvious doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Humidity and dew are also environmental factors you should consider in the proper care of your car. These factors help progress corrosion, particularly to brake calipers, nuts, and bolts. If you see these problems start to develop, replace rusty parts before the point of advanced corrosion to avoid vehicle failure.

Finally, the elements of a coastal environment can affect a vehicle’s paint. The combination of the sun, water, and salt air can be a disastrous mix for a car’s finish if not properly attended. The sun causes pores to develop in the paint job which then absorb the moisture and salt in the air which ends in extensive corrosion.

The good news is that if you take preventative measures and are aware of the effects of your environment on your car, your treasured BMW should be fine. Here are some tips:

  • Park in a garage or use a vehicle cover
  • Check the state of your car out regularly and keep up with frequent washes and waxes
  • Try not to drive on the sand or into salt water. If this happens, be sure to rinse your car off thoroughly afterward.

New Jersey’s BMW Car Club

BMW is a popular choice in New Jersey. Just ask any one of the 3,000 members of the New Jersey chapter of the BMW Car Club of America (CCA). The mission of the BMWCCA is “to help you get the most enjoyment and satisfaction from BMW ownership, and to create a community where members can share their enthusiasm for these terrific cars.” Each month, the club meets to discuss technical presentations and showcase car demonstrations. The club also provides socialization opportunities for members and their families as well as competitive events and races throughout the year. Lastly, the club focuses on safety. Behind-the-wheel activities teach driving skills and the Street Survival Program for teens focuses on the proper operation and use of a vehicle.

If you’re looking to find resources and information about improving and maintaining your BMW, the BMW CCA is a great place to start.