Selling Your Used Vehicle in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Location, Location, Location

Cherry Hill has always been a desireable place to live for the long-term and its popularity continues to grow. Nestled only eight miles from Philly, residents can reap the benefits of being close to the city but also removed from the congestion.

These factors make Cherry Hill a place where the young, old, single, married, and everyone in between decides to settle down.

  • Cherry Hill Township in Camden County is New Jersey’s 15th most populated municipality

The housing market is stable and in conjunction with good school districts, Cherry Hill is a prime location for economic opportunities of all kinds – including the used vehicle industry.

  • 91% of Cherry Hill residents own homes rather than rent

In a place where people tend to stay and where there is consistent growth and development, We Buy All Cars is a great option for those who are interested in selling their used vehicles.

Located only 20 minutes away from Cherry Hill, We Buy All Cars purchases cars in any condition and provides payments on the spot.

How Is The Used Vehicle Market In Cherry Hill?

Cherry Hill’s population is continuing to climb; it’s now at 71,045, which is an increase from  69,965 logged 15 years ago and the 69,348 counted 20 years ago.

  • Most people are around 40 years old and the cost of living here is a bit more expensive than the country’s average (88.5 out of 100).
  • 58% of households have at least two people, and 33% of residents have children.

All of these factors contribute to vehicle turnover. With an expanding young population with increasing income comes the desire to switch out cars more frequently, which is why We Buy All Cars provides a crucial service with a seamless process.  

Online sales and advertising forums can list up to 600 used cars listed on any given day across Southern New Jersey. We Buy All Cars offers a path to selling your car that is not overwhelming and that offers the personal touch to customer service that’s absent on the Internet.

Used Car Dealerships In Cherry Hill, New Jersey

There are dozens of car dealerships based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, including:

  • Kia
  • Nissan
  • Mitsubishi
  • Audi
  • Ford
  • Dodge
  • Lexus
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Porsche
  • Volkswagen
  • Jaguar

Between the ability to choose among this variety of vehicles and using We Buy All Cars to purchase used cars at the max price, Cherry Hill residents have the best option for selling their used cars easily while still yielding the most profit possible.

Getting Your Used Vehicle To Our New Jersey Location

New Jersey residents are accustomed to driving. Almost all Cherry Hill residents commute to work using private vehicles (80%) and work outside of the Township. Known as an “edge city”, Cherry Hill residents drive a mere half an hour to reach Philadelphia or Camden and within an hour they can be in Trenton or Princeton.  

  • Average travel time to work is  26 minutes

Cherry Hill is home to 309 miles of roadways, including a portion of the New Jersey Turnpike and Interstate 295. As Cherry Hill residents continue to heavily utilize these roads for work or pleasure trips to the shore or New York City, We Buy All Cars will remain a community staple in buying those used cars no longer needed or desired.

How We Buy Your Used Vehicle in Cherry Hill, NJ

As New Jersey’s #1 independent car buying service over the last 35 years, We Buy All Cars offers a quick, efficient, and user-friendly system to help you sell your car and get maximum profit. Located only 20 minutes away from Cherry Hill in  Voorhees, New Jersey, We Buy All Cars will purchase your vehicle AS IS. Our simple three step process ensures that our customers get the most up-to-date information and value for their used cars so they get the best possible deal.   

  • First, request a quote. You can contact us directly by calling (856) 834-5558 and talk to one of our qualified representatives  or by filling out our online contact form.  Our team will contact you personally to answer any additional questions you might have, as well as generate a quote for your vehicle.

We work on an appointment basis as to eliminate any waiting period for you. We know how busy your schedule can be and how valuable your off-time is, which is why we offer appointments Monday through Saturday 10am to 7pm. Our whole appraisal process generally takes 20 minutes.

  • Second, bring in your car. Once you have an appointment, we’ll be waiting to meet you at our Voorhees location.  We’ll conduct a quick appraisal of your vehicle and present you with a fair-market offer that same day. We understand the value of repeat customers and provide competitive quotes that always beat the trade-in value you would get from a dealership.

We purchase any make or model no matter how many repairs the vehicle might need. For vehicles too damaged to drive or not running, we offer free towing!

Our streamlined process will have you in at your convenience with no aggravation and out with money in your pocket on that same day.

  • Third, get paid! After our team has finished the appraisal and paperwork, we’ll write you a check on the spot.