Sell My Honda Accord in New Jersey

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The 2018 Honda Accord was rated 9.1/10 by US News & World Report, 4.5/5 by Edmunds, and 4.9/5 by

In 2018, the Honda Accord was redesigned entirely from earlier years, given two new engines and a new 8.0-inch touchscreen “infotainment” system. The more powerful of the Accord’s new engines, the 252-horsepower turbocharged 2.0-liter, replaced the old 3.5-liter V-6.

The heated leather front seats, the 10-speaker audio system, and their “infotainment system” all come standard. Parking sensors are added for $514 extra, a wireless charging pad for $300, and some extra USB ports for $120. All of these accessories together bring the total price of the car to about $35,000.

As far as convenience, the EV Mode on hybrid gives drivers the ability to operate exclusively on battery and electric motor in certain conditions. As far as comfort, the car contains heated and ventilated seating, useful in cold or hot weather. When it comes to technology, besides the “infotainment” system, there is a high-resolution touch-screen energy management system display, a built-in satellite-linked navigation system, featuring maps with 3D renderings, plus a multi-angle rearview camera, showing more of what’s behind you.

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