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We Don’t charge any fees to sell your car!

There are many reasons you could be looking to get rid of your vehicle. If you get a new job that requires a commute or have a child, the car that you and your family need may change. If your car has experienced damage, either to the body or to a major component like the engine or transmission and might cost more than the value of the car is worth, you likely don’t want to pour money into fixing it.  Call us at 856-834-5558 to get your quote today.

You can contact us by calling (856) 834-5558 or by filling in our contact form. Our team will contact you personally to answer any additional questions you might have, as well as generate a fair-market quote for your vehicle.

Bring your vehicle to our offices in Voorhees, New Jersey or take advantage of our free towing and pickup services for vehicles too damaged to start or in non-running condition.

Our buying process is quick and you can be out the door with cash within 20 minutes. We also take over any existing financing and pay you the balance directly.

We Buy All Cars in New Jersey has decades of experience buying used cars, and whatever the reason you may be looking to sell yours, we can help.

We pay cash for cars, meaning less time waiting for a payment, less paperwork to deal with, and more time that you can spend worry-free about getting the car sold.

Even if your car is currently leased and financed through another company, we will buy out the remainder of your lease and still pay you cash for your vehicle if it is worth more than the remainder of the lease, leaving you with cash to put toward a new vehicle!

We pay more for your vehicle than other buyers, and because we pay cash, the process is also simpler than our competitors’. We can help you figure out the value of your vehicle and give you a fair market quote, even offering free towing of your car to our location if the car is no longer running!

We Buy All Cars in New Jersey can answer any question you have about selling your car and makes the process fast and simple. We pay you cash so that you can have the peace of mind of getting paid up front for your vehicle and knowing you can invest in the vehicle you need.

Call Jason at 856-834-5558 or fill out our form to get the best quote for your car in New Jersey.

Customer Testimonials

Come see why we have been New Jersey’s #1 independent car buying agency for the last 35 years. Take a moment to see what our satisfied customers had to say about us.

“Sold my Buick to them for a fair price….was sad about selling it after 17 years but it was time to go…Thanks for the assistance.”


-Nick G.

“Very refreshing to be dealing with someone who keeps you in the loop throughout the whole process. Keep up the good work We Buy All Cars.”


-Cynthia Saladi

“We found them to be not only fair but very knowledgeable. I will use this service again in the future.”


-Judy B.

“No hassle and easy…had check quickly and I was on my way to the bank.”


-Oliver Cruz

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