Sell Your Used Car in Sewell, New Jersey

Sewell, NJ is a quintessential South Jersey town. Sewell is located in Washington Township, Gloucester County and 25 minutes from Philadelphia, just shy of two hours away from New York City, and a little over an hour away from the Jersey shore points. Although its proximity to these hot spots is a major selling point, Sewell boasts some impressive places of its own, including family-friendly campgrounds, farmers markets, a beautiful golf course, sports complex, art school, Washington Lake Park, and even the Barnsboro Inn – the oldest bar in New Jersey.


And like most towns, Sewell has its share of pros and cons to living there. It’s true that Sewell has a slightly high unemployment rate at 6.6%, compared to the national average of 6.3%. The economic growth is struggling (65% of residents are employed) and the town’s facade has been dubbed “urban decayed”, but Sewell has undeniable character and some strong lures too, including good schools and quality educational opportunities, historic value, and a decent amount of arts and entertainment to choose from. After all, 90% of people choosing to live in Sewell own their homes and don’t rent – a big indicator that residents see Sewell as a place of permanency.  

Located in zip code 08080, the average Sewell resident faces an uphill battle when attempting to sell his/her used car. Within just 5 miles of 08080, there are 1,112 used vehicles for sale on Craigslist alone. In a town of 38,000 where 87% of employed people drive their private vehicles every day, why try to navigate through the competition and uncertainty of online sales forums when you’re ready to sell your used car? The reality is that you’re going to face the decision to sell your car sometime soon and when that day arrives, choose We Buy All Cars in New Jersey to buy your vehicle. Located a mere 30 minutes away in Voorhees, We Buy All Cars in New Jersey has been fostering a relationship with the South Jersey used car community for over 35 years.

The demographics is Sewell point to a high turnover rate for cars – residents make good money and have the option to change out their vehicles as they climb the professional ladder at work, expand their families, or just decide that they’re ready for something different.

General Sewell Demographics

  • The average commute time to work is 30 minutes
  • 53% of residents have college degrees (9% have graduate degrees)
  • The majority of residents (40%) are ages 40-64 with the average age being 42
  • 60% of residents are married
  • Most households have 2-3 residents


  • 26% of residents are employed in education or health
  • 17% work in retail or wholesale
  • 8% work in manufacturing
  • 8% work in finance or real estate


  • 29% makes between  $30k-$74k
  • 19% makes $150k or more
  • 41% makes between $75k-150k
  • 12% makes less than $30k

The “typical” Sewell resident is middle-aged (or approaching it), established in their careers, and are settled with a family or within the lifestyle of their choosing. Trying to wade through the process of selling your used car online is time-consuming and tedious, which is why We Buy All Cars in New Jersey is THE perfect place for you to bring your used vehicle. You don’t have to do any of the work but you’re guaranteed cash in your pocket and a done deal within 20 minutes. Just get an instant quote online, call to schedule an appointment, bring your car in, and leave paid!