Quick Tips To Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

Looking for a quick refuge from the heat in the summer can be tough especially if your car is just as hot as it is outside.  If you have to head out to your car in search of a break from the stifling heat, there are ways to keep your car cool in the summer.

Here are a few tips to bask in the cool, comfort of your car this summer:

-Don’t park in direct sunlight.  If you know how the sun hits where you park your car, you might want to consider changing where you park.  The change in space will keep the sun from heating up your car and it will keep your memory sharp as you try to remember where you parked.

-Invest in a window sun shade.  To keep the heat from torching up your seats and dashboard, get a window sun shade for your car.  Not only will it keep your car cool but your hands will not be burned as you start the car up.

-Put covers on your seats.  Keep a couple of beach or bath towels handy to drape over hot car seats.  Also, semi-wet towels work great not only to absorb the heat but you will quickly dry at the same time.  An option is a seat cover with a built-in cooling gel or crystal-infused mechanisms.  This type of cover is great find for car owners with leather seats.

-Play musical cars.  Just like moving from chair to chair, move your car to a different space during the day.  You can stake out the perfect shady spot and even get a blast of the AC while you are moving into the new spot.

-Let in some air.  Unless there is a threat of a rainstorm during the day, a crack in a window will allow some air to circulate throughout the car.  If you have a sun-roof, tilt the window to allow new air to keep in and stale air to creep out.

-Chillin’ in style.  Most of newer vehicle models have a car starter or springing for one for an older car will help you get the cool party started when the vehicle is turned on.  The remote start feature is available from a short or long distance depending on the manufacturer but is definitely worth the click to beat the heat of the summer.

-Don’t hang in there too long.  Make sure to keep the cool air flowing when you plan to be in the car for a while.  Never leave children or pets unattended in the vehicle for a long period of time.  The temperature in a parked vehicle is 20 to 30 degrees higher than outside so make sure that there is plenty of cool air to keep everyone comfortable and safe

-Invest in reflective window material.  When a car manufacturer offers reflective window material on the passenger windows, consider upgrading the car.  This reflective window material can help reduce the amount of UV sunlight that will stream through the car windows.  By putting this reflective material on the windows, it will cut down on the heat that is generated against the windows.

-Gradually blast the AC.  Start on the lowest mark on the AC dial before you try to blast the cold air throughout the vehicle.  By starting on a lower mark on the AC dial,  it will take less time to get the cool circulating through the vehicle.  Once the vehicle begins to cool effectively,  then consider turning the dial higher.

-Make sure the surfaces are squeaky clean. When a vehicle heats up, the seats, steering wheel and dash board can be sticky and overheated if covered in debris.  Give all the surfaces of the vehicle a nice cleaning to make sure that the heat of summer does not cause a scummy build-up on the surfaces that can get onto hands and clothing.

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